From my earliest years, I have been surrounded by art and the creative process. Since I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design in 1987, I have been involved in art and design in one form or another. Though it has always been a side business, it wasn't until 2013 that everything changed and I realized that I needed to do more as an artist—as a human being.

In 2013, I had a life-changing experience that forced me to rethink my life and everything I had been doing up to that point. For 27 years, I was married and doing graphic design as a side business while raising three boys. Things were good and on track just the way I planned. On February 26, of that year, everything changed.

Always happy when I'm with my boys!

Always happy when I'm with my boys!

My day started out like any other day and, by day’s end, I was fighting for my life as a rare heart disease called SCAD (spontaneous coronary artery dissection) was tearing my coronary arteries apart. Though I was healthy, relatively young, in shape, and with no risk factors, I had two heart attacks that caused me to be in the ICU for almost two weeks.

This near-death experience caused me not only to pause, but also stop and reevaluate my life and my priorities. I realized, in a profound way, the fragility of life—how in a moment, it can all be gone. I realized that I wanted my time to be lived with intention and purpose. I realized that I wanted to help others do the same. With that realization, I sought answers. My greatest fulfillment, professionally over the years, had come from doing work for non-profit organizations.

It was here, that I decided to stay, in the non-profit world (if you’re a small business, I’d love to work with you too). This is a place where I can help people fulfill their visions and dreams to make this world a better place through the charitable organizations they have set up.

I have a team of dedicated, like-minded designers, coders, and communications experts who work alongside me in bringing the best out in your organization. Your Passion is our Purpose!